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We have gone back to our roots.  We now reside in Parking Ramp 4.  We are on the south side, Level 4 Bay B, by the stairs, over looking Melrose Avenue.  

I retired the brown Zephyr, and I now have an official Hawkeye Escape.  This is the vehicle to look for.  Here some pictures of the Hawkeye Escape.  You can also look for our flags.  One way or another we should be pretty easy to find.  If you have any questions, just call me on my cell phone: 319-430-RAVE (7283).  As usual, I will have my phone on starting at 5AM on game day.

​Tuesday October 16, 2018 
The Last Game:   Away       Iowa: 27  Nebraska: 24    
Grade:  Offense- D-   Defense- C-  Brian Ferentz Game Plan:  1st Qtr- A | 2nd Qtr- D+ | 3rd Qtr- F- | 4th Qtr- D- 
Again, a shitty win is still a win.  But I am getting sick of the teasing.  Again, the 1st quarter started out like a house a fire.  Up 14-3 and I thought for sure we would go for the jugular.  But unfortunately Stanley wasn't having his best game.  He threw a pick 6.  But Smith-Marsette ran the kick off back for a TD.  Score 24-10 a half.  Up until the beginning of the 3rd quarter, the defense was doing fantastic.  A.J. was a man about boys on the field.  It is now time to put the hammer down.  But no. Got conservative.  Tried to run the ball to much.  Goodson got injured.  Stanley wasn't hitting any passes.  And the defense gave up 14 points.  The 4th quarter wasn't much better.  The defense did make sure Nebraska didn't score.  The offense couldn't do shit.  We are now in the last minute of the game and I am thinking overtime.  But some how Stanley makes two great throws and Duncan makes a field goal for the win with 1 second left on the clock.   Couldn't believe it.  Make no mistake about it.  Nebraska is a shitty team.  There is no way this game should have been as close as it was.  Getting conservative is going to bit us in the ass in the future.  Look how many times it almost did this season.  But that is the point.  We didn't get bit in the ass.  And as long as it doesn't happen, it wont change.  As long as we win the close games and don't go 6-6 or 7-5, nothing will change.  That is why I am growing my hair long.  I hope to have something left by the end of the season.

The Tailgate:
A big group met at the Vine in Coralville.  They had $4 32oz Craft beers for sale.  I tried to choke down 2 of them and it almost killed me.  They need to make a craft beer that tastes like Budweiser.  But that won't happen.  It was good to see everyone for the last game of the season.  Thank god we won the game, otherwise it would have been a real downer afterwards.      

The Next Game:
It is the bowl game.  Don't know which one yet.  Most are saying the Holiday Bowl.  There is a way outside chace of the Citrus Bowl.  Sense we played in the Outback Bowl last year, we won't be going there.  The Gator and Music City Bowls could enter the picture but we might have to may wins to go to either of those two places.  That pretty much leave the Holiday Bowl.  The big question would be who would be our opponent?  USC?  If Utah beats Oregon in the Pack 12 Championship, they would go to the Final 4 and Oregon will go to the Rose Bowl.  Most likely our opponent would be USC.  If Oregon wins, that would screw everything up.  I would doubt Oregon would be in the final 4 (2 loss teams are not in the final 4).  Our opponent could then be Utah.  Wouldn't that be a game.  Anyway you look at it, who ever we play in a bowl game, it is going to be a bitch game.       

Side Bar: 
"The Journey to be 9-3" train arrived.  We are on it.  We defeated Nebraska (even though barely) and are 9-3.  Don't get me wrong, 9-3 is a good season.  But that bad taste in my mouth is still there.  We were favored in 9 games this season and won all 9 but only covered the spread in 5.  We were not favored in 3 games and lost those 3 games.  Our signature win this season was against Minnesota even though we were favored.  We did not lose against a team we were suppose to beat and we beat every team we were favored to win.  7 games were decided by 1 score.  This season could have easily been 7-5 or even 6-6.  So 9-3 is real good considering.  I believe it is time to have a real signature win.  The bowl game could do it. We are hardly ever favored in a bowl game and this one coming up will be the same.  If it's in California or Florida, the team we play will most likely, on paper, be better than we are.  It sure would be nice to have a win like we did in last years Outback Bowl.  Just ask Mississippi State about it.

Side Bar II:
I would like to thank everyone for helping out this season like you all did.  It meant a lot to me.  My dad pasted away during the season and your thoughts, cards and flowers were very much appreciated.  It was a difficult time but with your all's help, I got through it.  I will be looking forward to next season and seeing you all again. 

  We are Tailgating in the same location as we always do.  
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Parking Ramp 4, Level 4, Bay B, South Side, 576 Melrose Avenue, Latitude: 41.657054, Longitude: -91.547087
The Hawkeye Escape
The Flags
How to Get There:
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If You are Driving:
S.Hospital Drive Entrance to Ramp 4
S.Grand Avenue Entrance to Ramp 4
If You are Walking:
Melrose Avenue stairs to the spot
There are elevators in the ramp that go to the 5th level
The Bottom 10
​Sunday September 11, 2022 
The Latest Game:    Iowa: 7     Iowa State: 10    We are now 1-1  (Not Ranked in the AP Poll, and we shouldn't be)
Grades- Offense: F  Defense: B+  Brian Ferentz Game Plan: 1st Qtr- C | 2nd Qtr- F | 3rd Qtr- F | 4th Qtr- F- 
We did not make any dramatic changes in our offense.  So, it has finally happened.  Iowa State beat us. Iowa State is mediocre at best.  They beat us, what does that tell you about us.  First thing, the defense played decently.  Only gave up 10 points for the entire game.  2 blocked punts, forced a fumble.  With those 3 things a team should win every game.  But our offense is still shit.  Shit offensive line and shit quarterback play.  The offense gave up 3 turnovers including a fumble on the half yard line.  Iowa State's defensive line man handled our offensive line.  It goes to prove that it is impossible to improve enough in 1 week to beat a mediocre team.  Petres had a horrible game.  Granted, the offensive line didn't help him much either.  But he missed some throws that he should not miss.  This is getting to be a usual instead of unusual.  This gets me very concerned for the rest of the season.  There is now only 1 team on the schedule that we will for sure beat (Nevada).  Everyone else has a chance of beating us.  Our defense will play effectively, holding most teams to under 20.  But if you can't score, you lose.  And we can't score.  Some changes are going to have to be made, otherwise the future of this season is very bleak.

The Tailgate:
As with last week, Matt, Evan (Sunshine) and myself started things out at 4am.  We did check out Barstool that was going to happen across the street from the ramp.  I got a little bit of an education on what young people are doing with their lives. Sunshine brought 100 jello shots.  They went over quite well.  I was able to finally serve last weeks drink of the game but, wouldn't you know it, I wasn't able to serve up this weeks drink of the game.  There is always next week. This was eye of the cyclone day.  I took a picture of everyone's eyes.  We were able to have 2 rounds of tradition.  Everything went pretty smooth, except for the game.  

The Next Game:
Nevada. We need a game like this.  We can absolutely play like shit and win this game without a problem. It is at 6:30pm, a night game.  Going to have to pace myself or I will be at the game but not see it.  By games end it will look like we have worked out our kinks in our offense but it will just be a mask.  The following week starts the official rabbit hole.  It looks like Tim is going to bring pulled pork.  This should be good.  Be sure to bring your drinking shoes on because this will be a long day.  

Side Bar: 
The "Journey to not be 7-5", has officially changed to The "Journey to not be 2-10".  After our performance against Iowa State and no dramatic changes were made, this is going to be a long season.  What started out with so much promise before the season has now become a trip through the rabbit hole.  We have 1 for sure win game, 2 for sure lose games and 7 games we could easily lose if we are not careful.  If that is not a rabbit hole I don't know what a rabbit hole is.  I know this sounds bleak but I would much rather be wrong than right in this situation. 


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​Tuesday October 16, 2018 
The 2 weeks ago Game:   Iowa: 42  Indiana: 16    
Grade:  Offense- A-   Defense- B+      Brian Ferentz Game Plan:  1st half- A-   2nd half- A+ 
Here is another game where there is not much to bitch about.  Stanley has 6 TD passes.  The run game was going very well.  The defense did a great job.  Brian tries to go for a touchdown with 4 minutes to play in the game.  It doesn't get much better than that.  The play I liked the most was when Smith-Marsette took a kick off, almost ran in the endzone. almost got tackled at the 5, but ends up going 60 yards and setting up the next touchdown. That is the only time in the game where I cussed at the beginning of the play and cheered at the end of the play.  I am very anxious for the next game and I sure as hell don't want my heart broke.

The Tailgate:
Me, John and Matt made the trip.  We drove through snow, rain and sleet to Terra Haute.  Also making the trip was Doc, his son Johnny, Sunshine, Matt and 'Dave not the Rave'.  My cousin Mark and his lovely wife Bobbie put the three of us up.  Friday night Mark server up steaks to the 8 of us.  Needless to say, a few drinks were drunk that night.  Saturday started bright and early and we were in Bloomington by 8am.  Doc saved us a parking place right next to him in what we called the grassy knoll.  Mark and Bobbie served up breakfast.   Tradition was served multiple times.  At the game, it is hard to believe there were 25,000 people there.  What most of these Indiana fans do is tailgate and stay at the tailgate during the game. The stadium had $7 refillable soft drinks.  Did that come in handy.  The game was an absolute pleasure to be at.  After the game, chili was served.   Of course there was a victory shot.  To our surprise, Mark's friend Mike came by and joined us.  He talked us into going down town to check out "Nick's - Home of the Sink the Bismarck".  We were able to make it back to Terre Haute in time to see Michigan beat Wisconsin.  All in all, it was a day to remember. 

The Next Game:
Maryland, Homecoming, 11am game.  I can't hardly remember the last 11am home game we have had.  Maryland is very mediocre.  This should be as much fun as the Indiana game.   But you never know.  It is hard for a team to be up for every game.  We should be able to play shitty and still win this game.  The weather bastard says 50 degrees, but won't be until the end of the game.  We will be doing soup after the game ends.  Bring munchies for before.  I also will be serving the Drink of the Game around 10am (pretty early, huh).  I am ready to have as much fun as we had at the Indiana game (it was at 11am also).  So the boys had better be ready to play.      

Side Bar: 
"The Journey to 9-3" lives.  It is getting to the point of maybe being "The Journey to 10-2".  But I am getting ahead of myself.  This is two games in a row where the offensive was really kicking.  Granted, both Minnesota and Indiana are shitty, but, you still have to put points up and the team has really been doing that.  Stanley has been sharp (minus the 3 interceptions), the receivers are catching the ball, the tight ends are doing their jobs, and the running game is there when the opportunity presents itself.  What I really like is the aggressiveness Brian is doing with the offense.  Trying to get a touchdown going at the end of the Indiana game and being 26 up.  That is the shit.   This whole season the defense has been doing their job.    Even though I am a bit worried about the secondary when we start playing decent teams.  Before the season started I though there was no way we would be able to beat Wisconsin and Penn State.  We should have beat Wisonsin and Penn State is going to have their hands full when we go to Happy Valley.  This has all the makings of a special year.  I am pretty fired up. 

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